Kuʻi hao, kAlai lAʻau, kAʻana ʻIke & moʻolelo i Kalihilihiolaumiha

Forging metal, carving wood, and sharing moʻolelo and knowledge in Kalihilihiolaumiiha

Kalihi, the edge of the world

We kicked off our Papa Heals workshop series with master carver and kūpuna, Uncle Sam Kaʻai. From the island of Maui, we were able to have Uncle Sam on our beautiful ʻāina to share with his knowledge of forging tools and carving, and other ʻike kūpuna. 

Over a period of two days, our Papa Heals participants learned about:

  • History of koʻi (adze) tools being able to identify Hawaiian carved boards vs. Polynesian carved boards
  • Alongside master carver, Casey Jackson, proper safety protocols when forging metal
  • Forging blades for a koʻi
  • Carving a koʻi handle
  • Carving wood that was felled here on our ʻāina in Māluawai
  • A panel of artists and kūpuna, ʻAʻiʻaʻi Bello, ʻĪmaikalani Kalāhele, Makanani, and Uncle Sam sharing how art and Kalihi were part of their healing processes and a place to practice and continue their ʻike with our Hawaiʻi communities.