Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services
is unlike any other public health clinic in the United States. And we continue pioneering through the
21st century by leaving a legacy of kokua, throughout Kalihi Valley along the way.


The Charles Judd Community Health Center is located on School Street. After 4 decades and 3 clinics, we persevere to grow a prouder, stronger, healthier and happier Kalihi.



Kokua Kalihi Valley Comprehensive Family Services (KKV) was formed by the Kalihi Valley community as a non-profit corporation in 1972, in response to the absence of accessible and appropriate health care services for the valley’s low-income, Asian and Pacific Island immigrant population. KKV’s original staff consisted of one coordinator and four outreach workers who combed the valley connecting residents in need with existing services, following the motto “Neighbors being neighborly to neighbors.” Medical and dental services were first provided out of two renovated military trailers in the back parking lot of Kalihi Baptist Church. Today, KKV employs 170 staff who are fluent in 20 Asian and Pacific Island languages and dialects, and work out of nine locations throughout the valley—including two of the largest public housing communities in the State of Hawai‘i, a 12,000 square foot health center, a 4,000 square foot Elder Center (the former site of the main clinic) and 100 acres of leased State Park land at the back of Kalihi Valley. KKV serves over 10,000 community members each year.

KKV works to foster health in the broadest sense—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual—returning to the root of the word itself: “health” comes from an Old English word meaning “wholeness, being whole, sound or well.” A healthier Kalihi Valley, envisioned by the community leaders who founded KKV 40 years ago, is an inclusive community in which neighbors help to heal neighbors, and people see themselves as part of a larger whole, connected to each other, to their culture, and to their shared land.


Together we work toward healing, reconciliation
and the alleviation of suffering in Kalihi Valley,
by serving communities, families and individuals through strong relationships that honor culture and foster health and harmony.