Nestled in the back of Kalihi Valley, Ho‘oulu ‘Āina seeks to provide peoples of our ahupuaʻa, and abroad, the freedom to make connections and build meaningful relationships with the ʻāina, each other and ourselves.

Our program intentions seek to provide the landscape with which you can safely sink your roots
into our lepo, ka poʻe and culture to nurture your indigenous identity. Join us as we work as an
"and culture, not as an "or" culture.

Lohe ʻĀina

Lohe 'Āina is our program dedicated to the restoration of our propertyʻs ancient sites and sacred places. We strive to perpetuate culture and knowledge for the people of Kalihi by talking story of our generations into the future, hosting workshops and through mālama ‘aina efforts. Kalihi is our home and we hope to strengthen our community by instilling a sense of honor back into our ahupuaʻa through our daily actions.


Koa ʻĀina is the only organic reforestation and agroforestry project on Oʻahu. We are excited to stand strong at the cutting edge of this industry. We provide space for individuals to learn and kokua HA in these tasks. Our upland forest goals include removing the monstrous albizia to provide sun and nutrients to natives and planting native food sources to the forest. Kalihi was once a water rich ahupuaʻa and we our fighting to restore water into our valley once again. 


Hoa ʻAina is our program which host thousands of committed volunteers who help us with our organic reforestation practices, pā pōhaku builds, garden beds and many other mālama ʻāina endeavors. Together we breath life back into our ahupua‘a with volunteers help to heal this ‘āina that was once laden with modern day conflict and hurt.


Mahi ʻĀina encompasses our community garden program which strives to provide our neighbors with organic vegetables and revitalize the dormant farm-to-table culture of our ancestors. All are welcome to partake in the cultivation, propagation and harvesting of food for their family and fellow community members.