Ho'oulu 'Āina is a welcoming place of refuge where people of all cultures sustain and propagate the connections between the health of the land and the health of the people.


Our Mission

Since 2004, Kokua Kalihi Valley (KKV) has been stewarding and sustainably developing 100 acres in the back of Kalihi Valley. Dedicated to cultural education and community transformation, this land was named Ho‘oulu ‘Āina, meaning “to grow the land” and “to grow because of the land,” based on the value that the health of the land and the health of the people are one.

Somewhere there are people
To whom we can speak with passion
Without having the words catch in our throats
Somewhere a circle of hands will open to receive us
Eyes will light up as we enter
Voices will celebrate with us
Whenever we come into our own power
Community means strength that joins our strength
To do the work that needs to be done
Arms to hold us when we falter,
A circle of healing,
A circle of friends
Some place where we can be free
— Starhawk, Dreaming the Dark

Guiding principles

  • As we work, we listen to the land, and let it guide us.
  • We work to heal and promote health.
  • We work with the ahupua'a as our model for sustainability, encompassing environmental, economic, and social aspects of our community.
  • We work in the spirit of reciprocity—celebrating experiential teaching and learning.
  • We work together, inspired by our diversity, creating an ahu of shared connection and responsibility. 
  • We work with intentionality.
  • We work in partnership.
  • We work as an "and" culture, not as an "or" culture.
  • We work to build community among those in and beyond the ahupua'a of Kalihi.
  • We work to feel good, with a light heart and happiness, with openness, because we believe in this work.
  • Creativity, experimentation, artistic expression and ho'omanawanui are integral to each of our guiding principles.